We at the SECOND TIME AROUND furniture restoration company has all the necessary tools and knowledge to take any furniture that is old and vintage that can be upgraded and restored to the original condition with a whole new look. If you desire to have your furniture brough back to life with a bright new look we are the ones for the job. We provide the finest quality service being that we have been in business for a very long time. Your furniture may have dents, breaks, damaged varnish and more is not a problem that we can not fix. Why spend money for furniture that do not have the quality of wood to last the test of time. We are the number one company to call when you need repairs, restoration and refinishing. We can provide pick-up and delivery with-in a 50 mile radius. Not to mention you will feel good knowing that restoration is the more e-co friendly choice versus buying new furniture. So give the furniture you love and bought years ago a second time around.