Second Time Around Furnishings

Our Vision:

Second Time Around Furnishings (S.T.A.F)is a business that is eco-friendly and believes furniture too, deserve a second chance. We often see old, outdated furniture being discarded because of damage, wear and tear or simply because they do not meet their purpose anymore. S.T.A.F transforms, redesigns, and restores these items into a product that is modern, unique, and worthy of your home.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to excite our customers with personalized designs and fulfil the vision they see for their furniture and surroundings. We welcome all and any design ideas that will help achieve this. If customers have furniture that needs repairing, we take pride in providing that second chance. Every piece we complete comes with our personal guarantee. We stand behind our work as legitimate craftmanship. Unlike other furniture retail companies, our customers will receive a preassembled carefully wrapped product, that avoids the risk of wood splits, malfunctions, or injury because of poor-wood-quality used.

Our Values:

Customer-Centric |Eco-Friendly | Quality | Integrity | Fair-Mindedness |Passionate | Innovative


Check out some of our projects and you will see we put a lot of time and love in every piece.
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